As we seek to connect deeply to these 3 aspects, God, Self and Others, we heal and identify our dreams.
Also, as we identify our dreams, we also discover inner gifts or strengths that enable us to fulfill our dreams.

We have learned that the first step in this journey is to connect with God within. As we do this, we also seek to connect with our higher self also known as our Authentic self or our Divine Self. This self is also known as the Christ Within by Christians, Dharma by the Buddhists, Hindu masters call it Atman, Sufis call it Qualb. This is the place within us that has never been harmed no matter what we have been through. This true self is the part of us that guided us in times of trouble or abuse even when we did not truly see how we would make it out alive. This is the place within our consciousness that holds our dreams and our inner gifts.
Our ministry enables seekers to make this connection conscious. So, we seek first our authentic self,. (We will use this name to make it easier to talk about, but we mean this part of you that is your essence as described above.)
As we seek this part, we are in fact also seeking one aspect of God. But we also know that God is always greater than anything we can touch, see, feel or know.
So, we willingly seek this part of us and then we discover that God is within us and yet all around us. Suzanne likes to say it like this:
God is every one of us together:
the Rocks, the Trees, the Flowers and the Seas, and all creatures
whether of fur, fin, feather or skin.

Then from this place, we become willing to connect with others from this place of wholeness.

So, the first aspect of our ministry is to support all seekers to connect with God by connecting with their Divine Self. We have found that doing this within a safe and supportive group is the best way to do this. Ideally, we would create groups of people to do this work with other like-minded individuals. We believe that when Jesus said: "Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within", that he was speaking about re-connecting to our authentic selves individually and with one another. When he said: "Where two or more are gathered, there am I". We believe he was telling us to gather in a consciousness of the higher self within and when we do that, we are connected deeply to one another and there is nothing that we cannot accomplish; that is, by seeking our authentic self and then gathering with others who are doing the same, we can accomplish all things that we desire. All of the steps we would do in a group can also be done individually.
These groups will be created via Zoom if both Nat and Suzanne are leading them; otherwise Suzanne will lead live groups in person in Colorado.

Initially, we help each person identify their gifts, their dreams and their soul- purpose and speak it to one another using advanced communication techniques that basically help one speak from the "I", with good boundaries and speaking in love without attack. Then we teach listening techniques that enable each to listen from the level of their heart.

It is then that we help each person heal what stands in the way of being who they truly are in the world. Suzanne has been doing this for over 40 years. She creates a safe and supportive atmosphere where each person is able to heal themselves and be present and support everyone else as well.

The last step in the process is about helping one another take themselves in to the world to begin fulfilling their dreams and soul purposes.

We have identified practices in the following areas that are essential for this work to be fulfilled

helping each person identify which health practices make their bodies function the best.
Emotional: we  teach emotional intelligence. Spiritual Intelligence is only achieved when one has become willing to understand feelings and the essential part they play in connection with God, Self and Others
Intellectual: though this pertains, to thinking, we especially focus on mindfulness and teach people how to simply be present and pay attention.