Suzanne Carter's Credentials:

  • 40+ years experience as a therapist
  • Certified EMDR therapist, grief recovery specialist, Psychodrama and  Experiential Therapist, Equine Assisted psychotherapist, Spiritual Intelligence Coach 
  • Master of Arts, Psychology
  • Licensed in Colorado, Michigan, and Washington
  • Ordained Unity Minister
  • Author of book, “All Children Are Gifted: Raising Spiritually Aware Children".

Suzanne blends both psychological and spiritual perspectives so that clients and their issues can be addressed holistically. She provides a safe and supportive environment for exploring and resolving obstacles to growth and well being.

Nat Carter is a Unity minister and has served churches around the country since 1984. He is a yoga and meditation teacher, an organizational consultant for churches, a former inner-city school teacher and small business owner. His personal Unity ministry, be reflected in his interim work and in consulting with  other churches.