Suzanne Carter's Credentials:

  • 40+ years experience as a therapist
  • Certified EMDR therapist, grief recovery specialist, Psychodrama and  Experiential Therapist, Equine Assisted psychotherapist, Spiritual Intelligence Coach 
  • Master of Arts, Psychology
  • Licensed in Colorado, Michigan, and Washington
  • Ordained Unity Minister
  • Author of book, “All Children Are Gifted: Raising Spiritually Aware Children".

Suzanne blends both psychological and spiritual perspectives so that clients and their issues can be addressed holistically. She provides a safe and supportive environment for exploring and resolving obstacles to growth and well being.

Nat Carter is a Unity minister and has served churches around the country since 1984. He is a yoga and meditation teacher, an organizational consultant for churches, a former inner-city school teacher and small business owner. His personal Unity ministry, be reflected in his interim work and in consulting with  other churches.  He lives in Cleveland, Ohio doing interim ministry at the Unity Church of Chesterland.