31 Mar

   While in Ministerial School in 1985, I was blessed to take a class on BECOMING A METAPHYSICAL THINKER, with Rev. Marvin Anderson.  Marvin  loved that I brought psychology to Unity. He said too many people were hoping to just manifest without changing their consciousness or healing it and when someone uses the Mind-techniques without the healing, then even if they get what they want, it will not really be what they want. I also brought a new awareness to Unity at the time about the importance of feeling awareness now known as Emotional Intelligence. Marvin told our class that it was our job, our true job as baby Unity Ministers to keep working on ourselves first and then we might be able to continue our careers as ministers. In our class of 40 people, I was the youngest and I believe that Nat and I are the only ones still in ministry. We took Marvin's words to heart. Well, especially me. Revs Marvin and Ed Rabel,) also a Unity minister) told us that using only mind power to "try to get" what we want can be seen as "Unity's free introductory offer", and then hopefully people will stay and do the work after they get that first "free" thing. They went on to say that to eliminate fear or anger misses the boat. Marvin taught our class, "The 4 functions of consciousness", as expressed by Carl Jung. The 4 functions help us understand our world, and our relationship to God, to self, and to others. The way I use them every day is this The 4 functions and how to use them: Physical: what knowing is my physical body and senses telling me about my experience (so right now, I am being exquisitely in touch with Divine Life flowing through me as my ankle heals and of course the whole body gets this blessing too). I also notice the pain and follow my guidance as to what to do. Amazingly, I have not taken one of the opioid pain killers which they insisted I take. I do take Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen as needed. Emotional: (what my emotional awareness tells me: I notice the sadness of course for not being as able-bodied as I am used to be; I notice the slight frustration that I did not follow my purest guidance and take safe steps to protect myself; I notice Thanksgiving for all the many, many miracles I receive every day in this healing process. etc, etc Intuition: What my deep intuition tells me every time I connect is that this is simply a time to let go into the vast consciousness I have been working on since I was 2 and Trust the process. When I do this, I know that the Harmony Relationship Center is an idea that has been forming my whole life, and again, I am so grateful that Nat and I work this together now. As Jesus said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within you"(heal our consciousness), and then and only then remember what Jesus said "where 2 or more are gathered, there am I"........so Nat and I seek to gather in this higher consciousness knowing that when two or more seek this deep gathering and listen deeply that their deepest desires come forth. But here, as Mark Nepo teaches, the journey to the manifestation is the most important part of this. Thinking Nature: (of course what are my thoughts telling me and here of course), the key is to get below the surface thinking to the true beliefs we have that are part of our soul's awareness. Marvin and Ed emphasized that Unity had to get to a deeper consciousness than just thought or mind control or Unity would not last. Thus, Nat and I are doing our best in every way that we can to create a Unity center that will teach deep Unity, which includes psychology etc.

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